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Northern Response Gets Canadians Falling in Love with Carol All Over Again

Canadians get ready for the holiday season with Carol Burnett’s timeless comedy and musical numbers. Northern Response International Ltd. offers the Carol Burnett Show DVD Collection in a set with the best episodes, with over 2 hours of non-stop laughter in each re-mastered DVD. Carol will rekindle the love Canadians once had for her.

Toronto, Canada, November 11, 2011 --( Canadians can now bring one of the greatest shows in history back into their living rooms this holiday season. Northern Response International Ltd (“Northern Response”) offers the classic comedy, the Carol Burnett Show to Canada in a single, 5-pack and 9-pack DVD collection, to give fans a reason to fall in love with Carol all over again.

The Carol Burnett Show is a timeless masterpiece that lasted 11 successful years beginning in 1967. Winning 25 Emmy Awards, 8 Golden Globe Awards and 3 People’s Choice Awards, the show was recognized worldwide to be one of the best television shows of all time. It made the stars household names with hilarious sketches such as “As the Stomach Turns,” “Went with the Wind” and “Carol & Sis.”

Each DVD is packed with over 2 hours of hilarious comedy and musical numbers. The collection features Hollywood legends, including Roddy McDowall, Cher, Vincent Price, the Jackson 5 and Shirley MacLaine. Fans enjoy a collection of only the best out of all 280 episodes, which are fully re-mastered and hand-picked by Carol herself.

“People just can’t get enough of Carol. She’s timeless,” says Don Cameron, VP of Marketing at Northern Response. “The Carol Burnett Show DVD Collection makes the perfect holiday gift to get the family together and jump back a few decades to one of the most cherished shows in history. It’s a gift wrapped in laughs and entertainment – you can’t go wrong!”

Consumers can get their hands on the Carol Burnett Show DVD Collection quickly and easily. Canadians can securely place an order on and take advantage of the special introductory offer for $9.95 for the first DVD plus shipping and handling. They can also call the toll free customer service number (866) 584-1694 for inquiries or to place an order.

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