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Northern Response International Ltd. has secured Canadian & US retail distribution for GSP RUSHFIT

TORONTO, CANADA – OCTOBER 2011 -- Digital Shelf Space Corp. (the "Company" or "DSS") is pleased to announce that through its global distribution partner Northern Response (International) Ltd. ("Northern Response"), DSS will begin selling the complete GSP RUSHFIT program this fall in both Canadian and US retail.

The Forzani Group Ltd. portfolio of corporate and franchise banners is the largest sporting good retailer in Canada. All three retail chains within the Group – National Sports, Sports Experts and Sport Check – will carry GSP RUSHFIT on their shelves this fall. While in the US, The Sports Authority is the largest retailer in the American sporting goods channel, and all 460 stores will be stocked with GSP RUSHFIT this coming season.

"We are very pleased to learn that these three retailers, within the portfolio of companies of Canada's largest sporting good retailer Forzani Group Ltd, operating over 500 stores, have chosen our GSP RUSHFIT workout series," said Jeffrey Sharpe, CEO and President of DSS. "Being on the shelves at these three retailers is another positive sign of the traction our GSP RUSHFIT product is gaining in the Canadian retail market place."

"As with Canada, we have had a tremendous initial response from the retailers in the US, and anticipate that more US retailers will look to add GSP RUSHFIT to their product line up over the coming months," says Don Cameron, VP Marketing for Northern Response. "US retail distribution of GSP RUSHFIT, is the first of what we hope to be many more countries that we will add to retail and sell GSP RUSHFIT."

"We were very pleased to learn from Northern Response that we have secured US retail distribution and that The Sports Authority, with 460 stores in the US, has chosen our GSP RUSHFIT workout series," said Jeffrey Sharpe, CEO and President of DSS. "Being on the shelves at The Sports Authority starting this Fall is a significant milestone for our RUSHFIT product and gives consumers even greater accessibility and convenience to purchase the GSP RUSHFIT program."

GSP RUSHFIT was designed to appeal to the massive global audience with an interest in MMA and MMA training methods as a complete home fitness workout program. GSP RUSHFIT combines three of the hottest fitness trends. The complete program uses various MMA conditioning exercises, intense circuit style training and body weight training for fitness consumers to build muscle, cut weight and get in shape. GSP RUSHFIT is unlike any fitness program available. This program was carefully designed to give the most efficient and effective workout possible at home with minimal equipment. When consumers see how hard internationally respected athlete Georges St-Pierre pushes himself, working out alongside him will motivate and inspire consumers to push themselves harder, and achieve more than they ever thought possible. Georges St-Pierre has dedicated his life to Mixed Martial Arts and is regarded as one of the top conditioned athletes not only in the sport, but also in the world. Fitness fans everywhere can benefit directly from the same commitment GSP has made to his own health and fitness.

Northern Response is the largest infomercial company in Canada and the largest international syndicator of third-party DRTV programming in the world. The Company is a multi-channel distributor selling products across a diverse range of platforms including DRTV, live shopping, on-line, print, and retail in over 90 countries worldwide. The company has distributed over 1,000 infomercials since 1984 with global retail sales totalling more than $1 billion dollars. The Company is based in Toronto, Canada.

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