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Northern Response Secures Canadian Retail Placements for the Ahh Bra


Northern Response International Ltd. is pleased to announce their appointment as Canadian retail campaign managers for the top selling product “Ahh Bra”. Torstar Media Group Television (TMGTV) and their partners promote the AHH BRA with both long form and short form DRTV, e-commerce/internet services, and print campaigns to ensure maximum market coverage. The Ahh Bra, an international sensation sweeping the globe has already rolled out in Walmart Canada and Northern Response reports that early sales have been exceptional and continuing to increase. “Ahh Bra is the original branded innovator that created the category on TV and has been the top performing infomercial worldwide for almost a year now,” says Daniel Lai of Northern Response.

The Ahh Bra from Actress, Comedienne and Designer Rhonda Shear and Torstar Media Group TV (TMGTV) is made with the finest materials and fabrics to ensure maximum quality without the need for wires, hooks and snaps which traditional bra’s have always had. Ahh Bra features breakthrough technology that eliminates unsightly rolls and bra lines, so wearers look firm and beautiful while experiencing support and comfort from daytime to nighttime. Over 12 million units have already been sold worldwide and counting. Ahh Bra is still in its initial growth stage of the product life cycle, so sell-through is expected to remain robust across multiple channels of distribution.

After more than 40 weeks charting on both Jordan Whitney and IMS media rankings, Ahh Bra’s long form airings are showing no sign of relenting. A new 2-minute spot rolled-out in North America and currently is positioned at #5 for the first week of September on the IMS National DR Spot Rankings report. The addition of short form DRTV will continue to help the campaign gain even more momentum. In addition to the strong media support, unlike many competitors in this product segment, Ahh Bra has an available and continuous supply of inventory which is a great combination for stocking the shelves of every major Canadian retailer well in advance of gift giving season.

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