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Shopping and Retail Product Distribution

A Special Connection to Retail Partners

National Retail Distribution

Northern Response has in-house package design and video production facilities. We do more than achieve and maintain placements in traditional retail product categories such as: Fitness, Housewares, Personal Care, Cleaning, Hardware, Video and more. We build categories by supporting your product with ongoing media advertising using TV, print, internet, and other media to drive your retail sales. When it all comes together, the sales can be tremendous.

Brand Supporting Media

As successful as a great DRTV product can be, many consumers still prefer to purchase from a trusted retailer. Northern Response has established relationships with every major English and French retailer. This ensures your product is presented to all the key buyers, gains faster placement, gets better shelf positioning and achieves stronger sell-through. In addition to complete national retail coverage with all major retail stores, we can also sell products by demonstration in malls, home shows, exhibitions, outdoor markets and specialty stores. You get full market coverage.

More Placement, More Often

Northern Response's in-house sales team and category captains meet with Canadian retail buyers regularly, supporting core everyday products. When "hit" products do come around, we provide you with multichannel, rapid, national placement from our own warehouse and distribution facilities. We service the most retail doors possible, achieve more placements and manage inventory turns to maximize your sales.

We are one of the top listed vendors with all the major retailers including:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart (950 stores)
  • Zellers (350 stores)
  • Chapter/Indigo (268 stores)
  • Hudson's Bay (100 stores)
  • London Drugs (63 stores)
  • Katz Group (500 Stores)
  • Jean Coutu (277 stores)
  • Winners (170 stores)
  • Real Canadian (77 stores)
  • Lawton's (60 stores)
  • Canadian Tire (455 stores)
  • Wal-Mart (272 stores)
  • Sears (122 stores)
  • Price Club/Costco (68 stores)
  • Home Outfitters (50 stores)

Our state-of-the-art facilities are fully integrated on-line with each retailer allowing our computers to track sales and inventory closely, ship quickly, and eliminate the need for warehouse duplication thereby increasing profitability. Whether you have a product or an entire retail line our expertise will ensure the success of your retail campaign.