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ProActiv Solution

Case study: Launch New Product and Build Internet Continuity

Category: Personal Care (Acne)

Challenge: Help launch a new skin care product into a crowded category in Canada.

Solution: Northern Response has broadcast various versions of the ProActiv Solution infomercial in Canada for many years since the product's inception. In addition, a ProActiv Solution boutique was launched within our e-commerce site.

Result: ProActiv has become one of Canada's top selling acne care brands without ever being sold in retail drug stores or pharmacies.


Case study: Launch New Product to a mass audience

Category: Fitness

Challenge: Launch authentic 90 day exercise program to a mass audience.

Solution: Northern Response broadcast original and updated versions of Beach Body's gripping informercial across Canada. Northern Response placed Tony Horton on televised home shopping and print campaigns, connecting with millions of Canadians looking to reach their physical potential. After a year of direct response marketing Northern Response released P90X to key retail partners, where it has flourished and co-existed with our on-going media campaigns. Northern Response's International division has been replicating this success in countries around the World.

Result: Northern Response attracted thousands of Canadian and International customers to purchase the P90X program. This activity also drove thousands of consmers to the product's website, where they learned about the complete suite of our client's related fitness programs.


Case study: Secure Canadian distribution for ShamWow!

Category: Housewares

Challenge: Rapid, saturation marketing and high-volume distribution of Vince Offer's famous Sham Wow!

Solution: Northern Response capitalized on the broadcast of the hit DRTV spot, print ads and televised home shopping appearances across Canada. Northern Response negotiated retail placements as the DR campaign was rolling out, to ensure complete retail coverage and blocking out imitators. Northern Response secured premium high-traffic placment within Housewares, Hardware and Automotive retail stores throughout Canada.

Result: ShamWow! became one of the DR industries biggest products, with Northern Response selling over 1 million pieces in Canada alone. The ShamWow! magic is now being rolled out successfully in countries around the world under Northern Response International's management.

Tony Little's Gazelle Glider

Case study: National Retail Distribution with TV support

Category: Fitness

Challenge: Launch an affordable fitness product line to a broad audience.

Solution: Northern Response has broadcast various versions of the Gazelle infomercials over the years, along with millions of pieces of direct response print marketing i n an effort to build the Gazelle brand and place differentiated sku's in various Canadian retailers.

Result: 10 years after its launch, the Gazelle line still receives marketing support to bolster its major and independent retail placements and has successfully transformed into a reliable ''everyday'' item at retailers nationwide.

Little Giant Ladder System

Case study: Brand Awareness and Worldwide Distribution

Category: Hardware

Challenge: Convert millions of conventional ladder owners into Little Giant articulating ladder customers. Create a special brand around Little Giant that allowed customers to justify the higher value.

Solution: Northern Response invested heavily in Little Giant Ladder System informercial airings in Canada and through our international partners in markets throughout Europe, Asia/Pacific, and South America. In addition, we introduced millions of consumers to the safety and versatility of the Little Giant Ladder System through direct mail, credit card inserts, loyalty and affinity programs, as well as televised home shopping appearances.

Result: The Little Giant Ladder System has fended off imitation ladders that entered the market and continues to enjoy Direct Response success, even as it rolls into hardware and general merchandise retail stores. Northern continues to roll out the product around the world.